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Cooking with Weeds™ eBooks - Wild Food Inspiration

Wild Food Wisdom™ interactive Cooking with Weeds™ eBooks are the handy, mobile way, to carry around information about cooking up your favourite edible wild food greens.

A combination of cookery and plant ID, Wild Food Wisdom interactive eBooks allow you to....

Pick-and-mix - choose the wild food species relevant to your locality, culinary interest, or to the season.

Learn to cook wild foods - one species at a time, in your own time.

Discover - new food ideas, and cooking with new textures and tastes.

Be Inspired - by the enormous culinary potential of wild foods.

Mobility - carry them on your laptop, tablet PC, mobile, EPAD, or eBook reader in the field... or on the kitchen worktop.

Cooking with Weeds Nettle wild food eBook

Each interactive title carries plant identification photographs and background species information, plus 20 or more imaginative contemporary and ethnic-style recipes and food ideas using the edible wild plants as a food ingredient. Where species are more difficult to identify extra pictures are added to help with ID. General notes on safe and sustainable foraging are included too.

One of the reasons for presenting edible wild food information in this format is that you can concentrate on getting to know a specific plant species and its culinary qualities, rather than trying to learn about lots of different edible wild species all at once.

It also allows you to gradually migrate to new species as they come into season during the year. Really it's down to your own personal choice of how you want to explore the world of wild foods, or use the WFW Cooking with Weeds™ eBooks as food ideas cribsheets when you're out backpacking or cooking in the wilds.

Fat-Hen wild food eBook - fathen cooking with weeds

Wild Food Wisdom™ forager's eBooks are 'by default' set up as single page display, though the example images above show what is possible from a PDF reader with double page layout on a desktop unit with a widescreen display.

Wild Food Wisdom™ interactive eBooks are password protected.

To order please E-MAIL specifying which title/s you would like to purchase.

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Wild edible species covered so far are:

Cooking with Brambles [90 pages]

Cooking with Cat's-Tail [107 pages]

Cooking with Chickweed [77 pages]

Cooking with Dandelion [78 pages]

Cooking with Fat-Hen [80 pages]

Cooking with Nettle & W/Dead-Nettle [83 pages]

Cooking with Ramsons &
Three-Cornered Leek [86 pages]

Cooking with Sea Beet [79 pages]

Cooking with Sorrels [100 pages]

Cooking with Elder - [On hold]
Cooking with Burdock - [On hold]
Cooking with Beech & Hazel - [On hold]

Cooking with Weeds™ eBooks are generally around 80 pages long and each includes at least 20 modern wild food recipes, and frequently historical recipes and details.

Price 1.20 each if ordered singly or 1.00 each where ordered in a batch of 2 or more titles. Further reductions for 6 or more ordered together.

Payment by PayPal preferred - in this digital age.

Wild Food Wisdom™ interactive eBooks are password protected.

Before ordering any of the Wild Food Wisdom™   eBook titles PLEASE download the test PDF file (just a few dummy pictures and text representing the layout and style of each e-book) to ensure that the WFW eBooks will be suitable for the display and use on your personal mobile device.

Download the test file here (80k). Once you have tested the PDF on your own mobile device and you're satisfied with the screen appearance then any other of the other WFW Cooking with Weeds™ eBooks should also be readable on that same device. Note that the interactive function may not work will all devices.

Wild Food Wisdom™ interactive eBooks have personalised password protection so if you wish to buy a batch of titles then a specific memorable login password for you can be arranged (as long as it's something more sensible than 'fido'). Just get in touch!

To order any Cooking with Weeds™ eBook please E-MAIL specifying which titles you would like to purchase.

Download the test file (80k) to check compatibility with the device you intend to use them on before you order.

Wild Food Wisdom - wild foods eBooks

Herbal Medicines of the Hedgerow and Wayside

Volumes 1 & 2 - NOW BOTH AVAILABLE
An in-depth reader of hedgerow plants used in herbal medicine over 500 years... by both medical professionals and lay people.

Herbal Wisdom through the ages.

Over 1,000 pages long this large 2-Volume eBook is an in-depth reader on hedgerow plants used in medicine over the last 500 years... by both medical professionals and lay-people. These two volumes have literally hundreds and hundreds of herbal recipes, remedies, and treatments - the oldest dating back to 1486 - and are illustrated with old woodcuts. Exciting stuff for anyone into exploring herbal remedies.

Apart from the individual plant sections, there's information on how to decipher those mystical old apothecary's recipes and curious alchemical symbols, while specially re-created fonts provide a contemporary feel for the text extracts. You'll find these readers a real treasure trove of herbal wisdom through the ages.

Herbal Medicines of the Hedgerow and Wayside

The work is supplied in PDF file format. Each eBook is password protected like the Cooking with Weeds eBooks (though in the much larger A5 page format), but not interactive.

Volume one is 7, and if bought separately Volume 2 is 6. Buy both together now for just 10 - a saving of 3.

These readers will be updated in the future and your purchase price includes a FREE update of the reader once new material has been added. To order your personal copy E-MAIL now.


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